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Responsive repairs

Who did we help?

Mrs Rock.

A bathroom leak from a neighbouring flat affected the tenant's property, damaging floors and walls and leading to rotten floorboards and blown plaster.

The problem was identified as worn grouting around tiles and shower screen in the neighbouring flat which was allowing water to penetrate through the wall into the tenant's home, thereby causing the damage.

What we did

We visited both properties to investigate what the cause was, found the problem with the grouting and shower screen, advised the leaseholder what needed repairing in their property.

We post inspected the leaseholder's property before repairing the tenant's damaged property.

The outcomes


Following inspection, we organised a programme of works with Mrs Rock to carry out repairs to her hallway.


We hacked off damaged plaster, removed skirting boards and floorboards, plastered the walls and fitted new skirting board and dado rail. We then decorated.


Mrs Rock was very happy with the works carried out, we even received a Christmas card thanking us for a good job done.

The services that we employed

Responsive repairs

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