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Staff well-being update – February 2020

24 February 2020

Focused on minority groups

Coalo has been doing a lot of work to focus on minority groups. Specifically, coalo had 3 ladies who started on Monday 16th September 2019 as part of the ‘Women in Construction Pathway’ which is a specific programme to get women into trades, this is part of our work to bridge the gender gap.

Coalo is also working with the local community via the job centre to offer youths apprenticeship schemes and work trials.

Coalo has been certified in disability confidence. As a Disability Confident Committed Employer we have committed to:

• ensure our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible

• communicating and promoting vacancies

• offering an interview to disabled people

• anticipating and providing reasonable adjustments as required

• supporting any existing employee who acquires a disability or long term health condition, enabling them to stay in work

at least one activity that will make a difference for disabled people.

Coalo is also prioritising recruitment for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Groups (BAME), where the opportunity arises.

Mental Health, Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health, Health and Wellbeing initiatives at Coalo

Coalo has a rebost and comprehensive Mental Health and Well-being strategy.

At coalo we have been partnering with The Heart of Hounslow / NHS for our well-being sessions, we have also been working with the local gym – Fusion leisure as part of our well-being days.

A wellbeing day was held for staff on Tuesday 12th March 2019 at Ashmead Road depot, the event took place for 3 hours (11am-2pm), with staff dropping in for approx. 30 mins at a time throughout the session.

The event included demonstrations on healthy food, what a healthy plate should look like and samples of healthy food, prepared by dieticians from the NHS / working at The Heart of Hounslow (this service was provided free of charge). There were also talks on exercise and smoking cessation, which included lung capacity testing.

Mindfulness sessions were held and we had free sample products from Nelson’s Homeopathy, that were handed out at the end of the sessions.

Fusion gym had 3 people who attended to sign staff up for discounted gym membership sessions, we also promoted the perk box which includes money off shopping, entertainment and gym memberships. Additionally, we promoted the employee assistance programme.

Over 200 people partook in the event, it was a huge success and we are planning to make this a regular event. We are currently planning a further well-being day (2nd of the year as part of our commitment to hold at least 2 well-being days a year). The day was a morale boost for many staff who enjoyed the practical activities of the day.

This type of event as shown by the feedback below, made the staff feel appreciated. Research evidence proves a healthy workforce is more productive and satisfied with less sickness absence, and we forged links with other local businesses via working with those involved in the day, including Heart of Hounslow who are part of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) part of LBH. This community involvement by the CCG helped them to meet one of their key performance indicators.

We conduct regular Mental Health and Wellbeing tool box talks (a minimum of 5 per year).

The staff newsletter has a regular standing item ‘spotlight on well-being’, which has different messages each month. We aim to have at least 10 articles on mental health and well-being in the staff newsletter per year.

All COALO LTD employees have free membership to Perk box which offers discounts on many products, services and days out. We also have regular mindfulness sessions (held weekly) and well-being days. In addition to this we have Health and Safety Advisors on site who provide regular tool box talks on a range of health and safety matters from mental health and well-being to driving at work, working at height etc each tool box talk always contains a session on ASBESTOS awareness. COALO LTD have an employee of the month scheme where up to 3 employees are awarded each month for their efforts and receive £100 voucher, we have an occupational health service and employee assist programme othering a 24 hour counselling service and we have an Employee Engagement Forum (LEEF).

We aim to increase the number of mental health first aiders within the organisation. We now have another mental health first aider in the organisation (currently 2) and will be training a further 3, taking the total to 5 mental health first aiders across the organisation. We aim to have at least one mental health & well-being champion in each service area by April 2020.

Work has begun for the London Healthy Work Place Award. This is a 3 phased award where you have to obtain stage one before moving onto the next levels.

All operatives complete dynamic risk assessments for each job. This gives them ownership of risk to staff and supports them in the decisions that they make, particularly in high risk areas. This shows they can make decisions about their own workplace as each site is different; Our Dynamic risk assessment was presented to Andrew Kingscott, The HSE’s National Head of the Public Administration, Education and Voluntary (PAEV), during an onsite H&S day where we were given the opportunity to inform the HSE around our policy and practice, with a view to shaping not only legislation but also practice and policy promoted (and enforced) by the HSE, by presenting our best practices that can be taken forward by the HSE as national best practise. We also have Lone working devices for all staff that are lone working. Furthermore violence and aggression at work is investigated and dealt with to support staff.

Additionally the office environment has been improved; The toilets are currently being updated and the office buildings have recently been refurbished. We now have a new break out area in the office for staff / kitchens in each building. Housekeeping is also maintained throughout our sites (Coates Walk and Ashmead Road).

We also have charity dress down days, once a month on a Friday

Macmillan work representative

Coalo are working with Macmillan Cancer Care to provide information and support to employees affected by cancer.  This covers employees who are directly affected or who have family members who are affected by cancer.

Dementia friends

An Alzheimers Society initiative, dementia Friends Champions are the volunteers who are leading the Dementia Friends initiative, helping other people to understand a little bit more about what it's like to live with dementia and the small things that can make a difference to people with dementia living in their communities.  Our social value champion – Sarah Gardner is a dementia champion and will be running dementia information sessions to all staff, in order to improve customer care. We are starting with the aids and adaptions team.

Food box

  • We have given Foodbox an allowance of £2,000 worth of work
  • We have a monthly dress down day with the proceeds going to Foodbox

We have the following programmes on the horizon;

  • Money management advice
  • Stress reduction programme
  • Working mums – school time apprenticeship
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